- Extra Passengers: Not all of our vessels are able to have more clients on board, but if possible each extra pax is $150 USD plus TAX of consume.
- Routes: Our trips are already set up at for distance and speed of 7 -10 Knots to be able to offer an ALL INCLUSIVE service. In case that client wants to change Route, price will be different and will be discussed between YACHTSMX and client prior departure.
- YACHTSMX, it’s agents, affiliates shall not be liable financially or otherwise to any persons for: non-performance or unsatisfactory service; for injury to persons, including death; for loss, delay or expenses arising from strikes, war, weather, quarantine, sickness, government regulation or other causes: for loss of property or damage thereto; or for any act or omission or default or non-performance of any of it’s employees, agents, carriers, ground operators, or any other supplier of services.
Expeditions of the sort on which you are embarking involve travel to remote locations, often far from medical services. Such travel is with risk. you are thus required to be in good physical and mental health and we strongly urge you to check with your insurance agent to guarantee that you are adequately covered for any eventualities. Trip insurance, therefore is highly recommended to protect your person, property and investment. Notwithstanding, take note that if an accident occurs in certain locations, medical care may not be available or adequate. It is incumbent on each individual to determine his or her ability to participate. Dive insurance is mandatory and proof is required, said insurance may be purchased on site.
YACHTSMX, it’s agents and affiliates, reserve the right to effect any modification or change in the itinerary including changes for reasons of comfort or safety, either before or after the scheduled date of departure, that circumstances dictate, including cancellation for undersubscription and for other conditions beyond its control including acts of God and the like. All expedition reservations are made by application.
Therefore, YACHTSMX| reserves the right to deny acceptance of any application, at any time, for any reason. YACHTSMX, it’s agents and affiliates also reserve the right to require any participant to withdraw from the trip for just cause, at any time when, at the discretion of the trip leader, carrier, or service supplier, the participant’s acts or conduct are deemed to be detrimental or incompatible with the interests, safety and/or welfare of the individual and/or the expedition team. In the event of such forced withdrawal, a refund, less advances, deposits, and other expenses made for, or incurred on behalf of the participant, covering the unfinished part of the tour, will be made as soon as possible without further obligation or restitution. Participants accept this authority as a condition of joining the expedition.

Prices - Deposits and Refunds.
- The stated cost per person is based on transportation, land arrangements, and such other elements as may pertain, calculated on conditions, including monetary exchange rates, at the time of publication and are therefore subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Prices are based on double occupancy where applicable. Single occupancy supplements may be booked at extra cost on a space available basis. All prices, deposits and other payments are expressed in U.S. funds. 
All reserves paid by Mercado Pago or PayPal are a 30% down payment and rest must be paid in cash before departure.
- Refunds: Except when specifically stated otherwise in individual tour offerings, payments and refunds shall be made as follows: deposits for all trips are 50% of the trip price. Deposit is due immediately upon verbal or written acceptance of application. If booked less than 90 days prior to the stated date of departure, full payment is due at the time the reservation is confirmed. In the event of cancellation, upon receipt of cancellation request in writing, received up to 90 days prior to departure, cancellation fee will be 25% of Monies received. 50% for cancellations received 90 – 45 days prior to departure date. No refunds will be made for cancellations received less than 45 days prior to departure date.
- Lacking receipt of written request for cancellation, if the balance of payment has not been received by the due date, YACHTSMX reserves the right to consider the booking cancelled.
   - Speed on boats bigger than 72' set at a maximum of 10 Knots.
   - All inclusive service means: fuel, crew, food, beverages and alcoholic drinks.
   - In vessels bigger than 72' Alcoholic Drinks are set to be a MAX of $25000 MXN or $1200 USD for a 3 night packages.
   - Alcoholic Drinks are set to be a MAX of $8000 MXN or $370 USD for an 8 Hour trip.
   - If limit of alcohol is set, the customer will pay the remaining and will be notified before vessel departure.
- Cancellation or change of air reservations is subject to all rules and regulations applicable to the carriers involved. There will be no refund for any absence from a trip (unless arranged for at the time of booking), or for cost of activities or elements missed. All claims for refunds must be made in writing within 60 days after the termination of the trip. In the case of voluntary interruption of a trip by a participant without cause, whether by means of failing to join a trip, or by leaving prior to completion, no refunds will be made.​​​​​​​
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